Zebra 5095 ribbon in resina nero 64mmx74m

Zebra Nastro ribbon nero in resina 64mm x 74 mt Descrizione: 05095BK06407 A performance resin ribbon for printing high-density bar codes and high-resolution graphics on a wide range of materials – from matte to gloss synthetics. Offers exceptional print quality, durability and chemical resistance. UL recogniz General Specifications Compatible Printers GK420t, GX420t, GX430t, H 2824-Z, R2844-Z, R402, T300, T402, TLP 2722, TLP 2742, TLP 2824, TLP 2824-Z, TLP 2844, TLP 2844-Z, TLP 3642, TLP 3742, TLP 3842, TLP 3844-Z Quantity per roll, 12 per case, 48 per pack Minimum Order Size 1 case Ribbon Characterstics Ribbon Format Roll Physical Characterstics Color Black Outer Diameter 1.37" (34

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Zebra etichette in polies.silver 50,8x25,4 2580pz

ZEBRA rotolo da 2580 etichette in silver 50.8x25.4 mm ETICHETTE IN POLIESTERE ARGENTO Z-ULTIMATE 3000T SILVER X STAMP MIDRANGE 12 ROTOLI PER SCATOLA OGNI ROTOLO 2580 ETICHETTE.51X25MM ANIMA 76MM Prezzo indicato per rotolo Features : Chemical Resistant High Durability High Heat Water Resistant

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